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 Rateče 22, 4283 Rateče-Planica

Walking routes in the area of Rateče



Is situated between two interesting Alpine villages Rateče and Podkoren, not far from the main road. A well marked footpath leads from the car park near main road to the beautiful blue-green small lake - the source of the Sava Dolinka river. The lake then spreads eastward into an extensive marsh. In the past this area has undergone important geological changes . Now it attracts with its rich fauna nad flora. Due to the humid ground, special plants like »rosika« , the meat eating plant grow there. Some rare and endangered animal species have preserved there,too. In 1992 the Zelenci area was proclaimed the natural reserve.

tamarTamar (1108m)

Planica valley extends into the picturesque Alpine Tamar Valley – starting point for extreme mountaineering in the Julian Alps. It is surrounded by magnificent mountains of Mojstrovka, Ponce and Jalovec (the most beautiful peak in the Julian Alps, the symbol of Slovene alpinists).

Right at the foot of magnificent mountain walls the green oasis with the Mountain Hut Tamar is situated. This place used to be a pasture with the sheperd' s cottage in the place of Present Tamar Hut.
Not far from The Hut, in the steep mountain walls of Mt. Ponce takes its source the Nadiža river which forms a beautuful waterfall but after 100 m sinks underground and springs out again at Zelenci as the Sava Dolinka river.The villlage of Rateče gets its water supply from Nadiža which is an excellent drinking water.
The Chapel of Our Lady Of Good Help was built in 1936 on the iniciative of the then priest in Rateče Josip Lavtižar. In 2002 the Chapel was renovated on the iniciative of the priest Marko Benedik and in accordance with the conception of our renown artist p. Marko Ivan Rupnik. The renovation has reached its climax in marvellous mosaics made by p. Rupnik and the group of his assistant from Centro Aletti in Rome.
Church service – every Sunday in July and August- at 3 pm.

tromejaTromeja - Peč (1510m) Three Countries Border

The village of Rateče is »leant« to the sunny side of Mt. Peč (1500 m). The Three Countries Meeting Point can be a pleasant walking tour. The woodpath leads from the Šurc Inn , past the meadows and then right to The Three Borders Crossing Point from where we can enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding valleys , villages and mountains. At this very important European crossing of the three Europeans nations and cultures a monument was erected in 1994- dedicated to the understanding and friendship among the three nations.

(Sri Chinmoy)

jezeraMangartska-Belopeška jezera

Mangart or Bela peč Lakes , approximately 10 km from Rateče on the Italian side of the border used to belong to Slovenia; only after the World War I the new border separated them from our country. They can be reached either by car following the road as far as Bela Peč ( Fusine Laghi) and then turning left , or by bike and on foot taking a woodland path heading south through the meadows and woods.. The extensive area is distinguished by its marvellous flora and fauna and by two extraordinary beautiful lakes - the Lower and the Upper one- framed by abrupt mountain walls and with the fourth highest mountain in the Julian Alps, Mangart, rising to the south.

In 1971 the area was proclaimed a natural park. In its centre there is a museum with a fine collection of hand- made tools. Visitors can enjoy in the breathtaking lake view and the view of the mountains. There is a variety of walking routes round the two lakes and from the Lower to the Upper one. And more skilled mountaineers can go up to the top of Mt. Mangart or Ponce. Not far from the Upper Lake , on an open meadow, the herdsman from Rateče tends the flock in summer.


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